GameCardPower Lore

This is the story of GameCardPower, the world's fastest way to gift games.  Our story is filled with dungeon bosses, magical chests, glory, and much wow.  Epic very.

Still curious about GameCardPower? *places paw on your lips* -- Shh little kitteh... Don't say a meow. We'll tell you everything... =^.^=

This is a Game Card.

Game Cards are like gift cards.  They can be redeemed in games for membership, virtual currency, or exclusive items.

Game Cards send within minutes of payment confirmation.  We provide 100% support with no refunds.  Cards are treated like cash.

Developers may use our unique API to implement our payment system on their gaming apps.  No fees.  No liability.

About GameCardPower

GameCardPower is the global leading gift-card for online games, virtual goods, and digital content that lets domestic and international users spend cash and coins in online games, virtual worlds and for digital content. Consumers can obtain exclusive Game Cards that would otherwise be unavailable online. GameCardPower was created April 2014.

What are Game Cards?

Game Cards are like gift cards. They can be redeemed for games. Digital content publishers can use GameCardPower as a payment option on their website or game to engage and monetize a larger percentage of users. Our gift card business model enables publishers to increase sales and lifetime value of customers.

What kind of tech does GameCardPower use?

We have a total of 8 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5506 @ 2.13GHz processors.  Or to put in gamer terms, our server is epic (if not legendary).  We deliver our site through Apache.  And since we're superstitious and like to destroy our own servers, we've decided to create testing and production servers.  Our databases run MySQL on 6 powerful quad-core Xeons.  We encrpyt all our information through SSL connections and run them through another layer of security by adding a proxy.

Quick Stats:

$100 Billion

Estimated worth of the global gaming business by the year 2017.

$22.7 Billion

Amount spent on Incentive Gift Cards per year and growing.


Of all games sold will be mobile, downloadable, or online.


The number of chargebacks when using GameCardPower - 100% guaranteed payment.

We are indie.

GameCardPower was created, funded, and developed by a single person. We contribute to open-source and charity foundations around the world. Thank you for your support.

Donny Garner
CEO & Founder

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