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What's the idea behind GCP Credits?

- GCP Credits give users services to enchant there user experience and give them ability to sell artwork, receive forum rewards, and trade more securely without having to use actual money.

What are GCP Credits?

- GCP Credits is a trade currency that is used to order GCPForum features (at this time, credits cannot be used on main site located at www.gamecardpower.com)

How to get started?

- Order GCP Credits from this page, and afterwards u can activate the special GCP Forum features!
- Bonus: the bigger package you order, the more rewards you will get per month!
- You can refer your friends to earn GCP Credits!

How do i get GCP Credits?

Credits can be earned several different ways. The easiest way, of course, is by buying them. The prices are listed below:
- 1000c = $1.00
- Donators - 20% more 1200c = $1.00
- Subscriptions give you access to all our features, per month... except (username change, birthdate change, advertising, customer user title, or products uploaded by users).

How does the Marketplace work?

- This feature has not been implemented. The marketplace is a place where users can sell artwork, offer artwork services, gift cards, and whatnot.

What is thread bumps?

- This feature has not been implemented. You can bump your own thread & get on first page in the marketplace forum to get visibility. You can also BUMP for free every 6 hours or set thread to autobump.

What is Bold title text in threads?

- You can make text BOLD in title thread to get more noticed. You can do that when you create your thread or your old thread.

What is Red title text in threads?

- You can make text RED in title thread to make your thread to stand out.

What is personal title?

- You can change your add a personal title in postbit & profile: 5000 points (1 month)

What is name glow?

- You can make your name glow in postbit & profile 2500 points. (1 Month)

How can i change username?

- You can change your username: 5000 points to get a new username.

How to advertise on GameCardPower Forums?

- You can now Advertise in /forums/ section go to menus to setup your banner and price here to increase visibility and sales to your thread.

How can i disable ADS?

- You can disable ADS on site by becoming a member: either Gold or Diamond.

Goodluck with GCP Credits!

Jul 11, 2014
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