StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

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Zerg rush! Kekekeke xD

What do you call a Zealot on drugs? A high templar! LOLOLOL :D

If you didn't get the joke then don't worry. StarCraft players who got the joke will be all like "GameCardPower, that joke wasn't funny at all. Stop." Okay.. okay, maybe our StarCraft comedy needs some work. But hey, at least we tried making you smile :D

But all jokes aside, you probably want to know more about this Card, right? Right *nods*. Well this GameCard is 1 of a kind, kinda. Basically, this card gives you the complete downloadable StarCraft II game along with all its wonders. Is that all? No no... of course not. There's much more! Let us hit you with some facts:

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Facts

  • The founder of GameCardPower's favorite game is StarCraft.
  • Rated as one of the best story lines for any game, EVER
  • If you become a StarCraft pro, you can make money.
  • Card ships instantly and we'll give you reward points.

Are you interested yet? No? Well fine then! We'll just go back to watching our Husky Starcraft YouTube Videos. Please don't search him in Google. He's our secret. And we're not sharing. Okay, we'll share. Remember GameCardPower loves you!

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Additional Information

Instant Shipping Yes
Platform Linux, Mac, PC
Genre Simulation, Strategy
ESRB Rating Teen
Interests Downloadable, For Boys, Violent
Developer Blizzard
Requirements Connectivity: Stable internet connection
Hard Drive Space: 20GB
Operating System: Windows XP or better
Processor: Intel Pentium D or better
RAM: 1.5GB or better
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT or better


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**NOTE: GameCards ship instantly. PINs generate at the time of purchase and are sent through email once payment has been verified.

Redeem Instructions

Instructions are mailed to you.  If you're having problems with your card pin redemption, then please email our support team here

If, for some reason, the pin does not work (which CAN happen) then you may request a new one.  We hook it up like fishermen.

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